Every bride and groom wishes to host a wedding party which isn’t forgotten by their guests because of the fun and unique experience they all had. But most couples assume that hosting an unforgettable party is simply a dream which cannot be made true. This is a completely wrong assumption because there are plenty of ways in which couples can add a unique touch to their party with moderate expenses. Wedding events are long therefore failure to keep the guests engaged and entertained may result in boredom. Although a wedding is a special day for the couple, in the end the true result of the wedding party depends on the reaction of its guests. Therefore here are some simple ways couples can make sure that they host an unforgettable wedding party.

Personal Additions

Most guests feel very bored up at weddings because of the same routine present in all weddings. Therefore couples can make their wedding party stand out by adding various personal touches to the event. Couples can choose a playlist of personal favourites or even consider a jukebox hire containing songs which are favoured by guests in all age groups. These simple differences can make the wedding unique and memorable. Visit this link https://dashevents.com.au/15-jukebox-and-karaoke for more info on jukebox hire Berwick.

Well Planned

Another cause for guests feeling bored and restless at weddings is due to the long stretches between activities. Weddings are usually held for long hours and constant delays in weeding proceedings is definitely not a good sign. A successful wedding party is well planned thereby ensuring that guests are entertained at all times. The activities of the event must be planned in such a way that all the guests are fully engaged rather than feeling isolated from the party.


Creative wedding favours for all the guests is another great way to create a wonderful impression on the guests. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive gifts. As long as the favours are thoughtful and useful guests will all feel satisfied? Unique wedding favour ideas can be customized according to the personal favourites of the couple. You can also consider a wedding photo booth where guests can take unique pictures with the couple as a great memory to take back home.


Guests must always be well fed because they are spending a lot of time at your wedding. Make this experience unique by using different methods to serve food for guests rather than a basic three course meal. Consider a burger stand or a sushi bar which guests can help themselves to whenever they desire along with other meals throughout the event.